Notice:  1. This checking facility is for use by the "GENUINE CONSUMERS" after purchase only.

                 2. Manufacturers, distributers, dealers or resellers shall NOT use this facility as it will disqualify the                        unit for sale.

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Why ensure authenticity of products?

We congratulate you for purchasing a product protected by IsOriginalProduct.Com. It ensures you received the value you paid for. It also means the manufacturer is caring for you.

Everytime you purchase a product with our protection make sure you confirm the product is original by verifying it at IsOriginalProduct.Com. This is a responsibility you need to undertake acknowledging and appreciating the authentic manufacturers' efforts to protect you

Counterfeit products are unregulated and unsafe. They are present in popular FMCG, Food Supplements, Electric and Electronic Goods, Ready-Made Dress, etc. Many of these products have been purchased unwittingly by consumers.

IsOriginalProduct.Com helps the consumers of the protected products to ensure the authenticity of the products

If you ever find a previously protected product without a UIN/UID for verification at IsOriginalProduct.Com please remember to report it HERE.