1)What is a Unit Identification Number (UID)?
This is a unique identification number issued by

2)How do I check if the product I purchased is from the original manufacturer?
If the manufacturer is protected by you will find a label with UIN attached to the packet or product you purchased. Please use this 20 digit Unit Identification Number at, answer a question and press the "SUBMIT" button. If the unit you purchased is original a message will tell you the same.

3)What if the unit I purchased was not original?
The system will tell you that the unit is not original. System will also prompt you to to give your contact details so that our staff will be able to contact you to collect details about the supplier or where you found the counterfeit product.

4)What if I am not willing to reveal the supplier details?
You are free to decide on the issue. If you do not reveal the supplier details we will not proceed further on this issue. In this case we will not be able to help you to get a replacement with an original unit.

5)If I give the supplier details will you handover my identity to the supplier?
No. We will not reveal your details to the supplier without your consent.

6)Will you replace the counterfeit unit with an original unit?
Not always. But some of the manufacturers have agreed to give you a replacement. So we can commit on this only case to case. But always we will try to help our best to resolve the issue.

7)Do you assure the quality of the product protected by
No. We only inform you if the unit you purchased is from the original manufacturer. Once you found that the product is from the original manufacturer you know it comes with the quality of original product.

8)Can I verify any product I purchased at
No. You can use this to check the products and brands that are protected by

9)When i tried the UIN a second and third time on this site it was telling 'original'. So what is the guarantee the product i got is original? What if somebody duplicate this number and release multiple packets using same number?
Basically the UIN will work only once. But once you used a UIN you can check it many times. It happens because you are answering other questions about purchase that are known to you only. If the UIN was already used by somebody else you will never get the message "Original". In the same way once you got the message "Original" everybody else using the same UIN will get the message 'Counterfeit / NOT Original".